“Strictly No Elephants” by Lisa Mantchev & Taeeun Yoo

“Strictly No Elephants” by Lisa Mantchev & Taeeun Yoo

We’re back from our trip to Washington! Sadly, we didn’t manage to make any whale-watching trips happen–too expensive, and too time consuming. So I guess for us, if you want to see a whale, you’ve got to have about $400 and 12+ hours to spare. Ah well–we’ll get our fix of our trusty grey whales out along the California coast.

I’ll tell you what we did see this weekend, and on Memorial Day, no less! A bald eagle! Flew right over the top of us at Lake Sammamish (which, is it just me, or does that sound like how a two year old would pronounce “sandwich”?) Another highlight at the lake was us failing to bring Isla’s bathing suit, which was a lot of fun for everyone when we looked down and in about half a second she had stripped down to her underwear on the beach surrounded by about 2,000 people packed in for Memorial Day. Whoops!

So today I thought it would be a good idea to feature a couple adorable summer outfits that are infinitely more fashionable than wearing underwear on a public beach. I absolutely adore Lisa Mantchev’s Strictly No Elephants, and even though its illustrations lend themselves to more of  a winter wardrobe (and who doesn’t love a red scarf on an elephant?), I thought it would be fun to give it a summer slant. The textured fabric of this classic grey dress is versatile enough to make it through the warmer months and transition nicely into fall with a few accessories–I’m dying to see it paired with some fun patterned tights and military style boots. For now, some sweet red sandals and a just-glam-enough red tassel necklace channel everyone’s favorite tiny elephant.

Sources for Strictly No Elephants girl’s outfit: Fashionable but modest little girl's outfit based on the children's book "Strictly No Elephants"

Grey Dress with Side Bows

Lace Up Gladiator Sandals

Red Tassel Gold Statement Necklace


For our gender neutral baby outfit (although I’d especially love to see this charming little spaghetti strap on a baby boy), we went a little more on the nose (trunk?) with this elephant bubble romper. Perfect for fall, and a great Gender neutral/baby boy outfit based on the children's book "Strictly No Elephants"combination with these little grey fringe booties that just scream “pachyderm” to me. 🙂

Sources for Strictly No Elephants boy’s outfit: 

Elephant Bubble Romper

Sueded Fringe Booties

Baby Infinity Scarf


Strictly No Elephants is a story about inclusion, and welcoming friends despite your differences. It’s a bestseller, and Huffington Post Honor Book for Best in Kindness. Would be a perfect addition to your library in anticipation of back to school (is it wrong that it’s still May, and I’m already thinking about back to school?)