“Pool” by Jihyean Lee: Favorite Toddler Swimsuits

“Pool” by Jihyean Lee: Favorite Toddler Swimsuits

So much of my life revolves around words: I was an English major, I’m finishing up my M.A. in composition, I work in communication/marketing. So, I was SHOCKED by how much I enjoyed Jihyeon Lee’s wordless picture book, Pool. 

It’s the story of two children who find themselves surrounded by people at the crowded community pool. There’s practically nowhere to go; not a single patch of water to enjoy for themselves. But together, the two find a way to have a pretty epic, fantastical swimming adventure of their own.

Even without written words, this little book did wonders for us–it gave us a chance to verbally work through the plot together, and use clues in the images to fill in the blanks. Back when I taught preschool, we’d spend a lot of time encouraging kids to dissect images for telling details (“Does everyone look like they are having a good time being in the crowded pool? Why not? How do you know?”), so this book gave us a perfect platform to build those skills. Aside from that, it’s just plain fun. The illustrations are so imaginative–I can totally envision some epic sea creature crafts accompanying this book!

Or, if you’re a little less than crafty, I can just as easily see some imaginative pool play happening after reading this book. And if you’re in a 107+ degree heat wave like we are, and spending hours in the pool every day, you might be in need of a few new swimsuits. We’ve included links to a few of our current, vintage-inspired favorites below, including a few affiliate links at no extra cost to you!), but also remember that Target is having a BOGO 50% off swimsuit deal right now thru June 24th!

Last thing I have to mention (and this isn’t even an affiliate post; I’m just OBSESSED with this company!): the little white swimming cap in the photo below! I highly, highly recommend Van Nus Co, an adorable little company that makes children’s hats. We’ve got two turbans (including the little white swim cap with the vintage bow in front–it’s doing a fab job protecting our glow-in-the-dark pale ginger girl from the summer sun), and two of the newly stocked brim caps scheduled to deliver tomorrow. Keep an eye on their Instagram page (@vannusco) to see when turbans are back in stock.

From top left:

  1. Palm-Print Bikini
  2. Blue Floral 2-Piece Swimsuit
  3. Mermaid Scallops One-Piece
  4. Navy & White Scallop Two-Piece Swimsuit
  5. Black Pom-Pom Ruffle One-Shoulder Swimsuit
  6. Yellow Ruffled Bikini Swimsuit
  7. Skirted Vintage-Inspired One-Piece Swimsuit
  8. Embroidered Striped Bikini Swimsuit
  9. Tutu Swimsuit

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