“Strictly No Elephants” Baby Halloween Costume

“Strictly No Elephants” Baby Halloween Costume

As I previously wrote about, we LOVE Lisa Mantchev’s book, “Strictly No Elephants.” Since we’ll have a 3-month old in tow this Halloween, I wanted to put together a super comfortable, cute, and easy to assemble (e.g. available thru Amazon Prime so I don’t even have to leave the house!) costume for the babe. This little ensemble fit the bill, and I’m super excited that the pacifier is part of the costume! Affiliate links below for your convenience. I hope this costume serves you well (and bonus: all these pieces can be easily reused in everyday wear!)

Baby Halloween Costume Inspired by Strictly No Elephants. From Ginger Fox Stylilngs

Strictly No Elephants Book

Red Canvas Baby Sneakers

Elephant Pacifier

Yellow Stripe Onesie

Blue Cotton Leggings

Bandana Bib